Our Renault Pro+ specialist network

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Within our network, Renault Pro+ specialist dealers are committed to meeting your requirements.




Best selling van range in Europe since 1998
Number 1 in Europe, 4 million customers, 12 000 sales outlets,
120 000 business customers

Renault Pro+ is a new and exciting programme to ensure that business and fleet customers can find everything they need on one site.

Renault Pro+ is built on three main principles:

  • The expertise of the sales & after-sales teams who have an extensive understanding of your trade
  • A “one stop shop” for sales, funding & after-sales solutions, where all your needs are taken care of to keep you on the move.
  • The business customer promise
  • A Sales & after sales team dedicated to Business customers
  • Large display of Commercial vehicles including conversions
  • No booking needed, on the spot commercial vehicle test drives
  • Guaranteed quotes within 48h
  • Commercial vehicle maintenance and repair for vehicles up to 8 tonnes. All makes welcome
  • Extended working hours for business users

Renault LCV capacity covers all your needs from 2m3 up to 22m3

Cyprus-wide contact phone number:  77 77 77 01
Contact Email: pro+@fme.com.cy