What makes ZOE so special?

No fuss, zero CO2 emissions*, easy to drive – these are all the things we love about Electric Vehicles and all the things that the Renault ZOE stands for.  There are many benefits to owning a Renault ZOE, including:

Revolutionary Range. It is our goal to make innovation from tomorrow, accessible to everyone today.  Which is why ZOE with Z.E. 40 battery now has an NEDC range**of 400 Km getting you wherever you choose to go, even more easily than before.

Easy Electric Life.  Renault Z.E. makes the electric revolution easy.  Providing you with all the basics you need to integrate ZOE into your life, including your home charging solution there is nothing left to worry about.

Wall-Box Included.  ZOE comes with a free charging point so that charging at home is a no-brainer.  Plug-in and done. Goodbye petrol station, hello freedom.

Chameleon Charger™.  Our innovative Chameleon Charge™ is uniquely fitted to ZOE and makes clever charging possible.  As it is always able to charge at maximum power available, it saves you time and lets you make the most of the charging stations you come across, as well as of your home charging point.

Truly Connected.  A connected life is no longer a future scenario.  Z.E. Connected Services takes communication between smartphone and car to another level, allowing features such as remote charging, pre-conditioning and monitoring charge status.  Qualifying subscription required for these services.

Style.  We all want style in our lives and the streamlined appearance and transparent rear lights are some of the features of the ZOE that will ensure you do.

Low Running Costs. Charging ZOE at home is not only easy but also very cost effective

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*CO2 while driving: 0 g/Km, MPG: n/a according to NEDC homologation test. ** Homologated range according to NEDC test cycle, for comparison purposes, 400 km and may not reflect real life driving results.

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