Renault safety

Did you know…


Approximately 25% of accidents are caused by the driver incorrectly estimating the speed of his or her vehicle (source: LAB*).


Only 60% of drivers brake sufficiently hard for the ABS system to switch on in an emergency situation (source: LAB*).


If all cars on the market were fitted with System for Restraint and Protection (SRP), a 30% reduction would be achieved in the number of people killed and seriously injured in road accidents (source: LAB*).


When a child aged less than nine months is properly strapped into a seat with the back facing the direction of travel, the risk of serious injury is reduced by 88% (source: Prévention Routière).


Since 2000, Renault’s international ‘Safety for All’ programme has reached over 10 million children and young people in 23 countries.


Emergency brake assist would reduce the number of road injuries by 10% and save the lives of 3,000 people in Europe, including 300 pedestrians (source: LAB*).


Accident studies show that 40% of road deaths occur in accidents that involve loss of control of the vehicle (source: LAB*).


If all vehicles were fitted with ESC, road deaths would fall by 16% and injuries by 10% (source: LAB*)


In addition to the driving enjoyment it provides, the Four Control chassis with four-wheel steering makes avoidance manoeuvres safer and more reassuring.

* LAB: the Accident Analysis, Biomechanics and Human Behaviour Laboratory of PSA Peugeot-Citroën and Renault.