Road safety is one of the cornerstones of Renault’s corporate culture and draws on fifty years of research and development. It expresses the essence of a philosophy based on respect for life and on innovation as a source of human progress.

Renault has set the standard in automotive safety with an approach based on accident analysis and real road safety, which results in products that are adapted to actual driving conditions all over the world.

Renault’s sole motivation is to produce genuinely safe cars that will actively reduce the risk of accidents and their potential consequences.
Yet however efficient safety equipment may become, nothing can replace individual behaviour.

Renault is strongly committed to several national and international education and information campaigns that aim to educate the general public on safety issues.

For Renault, road safety is a strategic priority and a long-term commitment.


Safety developments from 1898 to the present day


A global approach to safety


A commitment to safety in the future